Varmint Twin: The Varmint Senior

I've been getting the occasional comment or email lately asking about Varmint Twins - where have they gone?! Are there any new ones?

(What the hell is a Varmint Twin you ask? Look here and here for your answer.)

I'm pleased to announce, that yes, several Varmint Twins are currently being researched and developed. And tonight, ladies and gentlemen, TONIGHT we roll out one of the finest and the most challenging.

Tonight, The Varmint Senior, Sir Monte, my father-in-law earns his whiskers.

Prior to the Unveiling, I feel it must be said that bestowing a Varmint Twin is somewhat akin to bestowing a knightship; it is a privelege many aspire to, but few earn. As it speaks to the essence of a person's character and not just their appearance - it is not  a process to be taken lightly. Each is carefully, usually lovingly (and occasionally vindictively - though that's not the case here) selected from many options to ensure a perfect match.

This particular betwinning took some time.












Monte's Varmint Twin is the Hoary Marmot, so named for his thick silver fur. Despite the striking physical similarities, one look no further than the Hoary Marmot's most unusual character trait of all to understand the choice: The Hoary Marmot is known as The Whistler for his piercing warning cry issued to alert other members of his colony of possible danger.

Until recently, The Varmint Senior's nickname was Captain Safety. The Varmint Junior took that title at the moment Makenna was born and Senior was promoted to Admiral.

Why Admiral Safety? If Monte had his way, the entire McGlathery clan would be wearing crash helmets, wrist braces and knee pads at all times. Not only would we be well-protected, but we'd also be easily identifiable to one another in the event of a terrorist attack (and subsequent evacuation). We like the cautious, considered way of Varmint Senior. 

And we also like our hoary marmots.

So congratulations, Monte on your betwinning. We love you. And to hoary marmots everywhere: You're a very lucky bunch of varmints to be so honored.



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