This One's For Christy

Last night was a bookless book club meeting, which really means it was an excuse for the five of us to read what we wanted this month and still get together and drink margaritas and eat Mexican food.

Mak_TennisAnyone_8mosSo, after a night of carousing, good food, tequila and deep and thoughtful discussions which included Men We Know Who Wax Their Ass Crack and Dangly Bits, my good friend Christy cornered me.

"Where are the pictures of Makenna on your blog?"

She also mentioned that, while photographs of computers were nice and all (actually, I think her exact words were "... a total waste of time - nobody cares about that shit") she stamped her foot and demanded "more Makenna pictures, at least four. With outfits."

Mak_BabySpa1Christy is really good at being direct.

This particular, um, request actually brings joy to my heart. Frankly, if I were doing this thing only for myself, there would be nothing but long entries about baby poop, drool, progress reports ofMak_BabySpa2_8mos milestones hit, tracking the number of days until she qualifies for MENSA, and buttloads of glamorous Makenna photos. 

As a matter of fact, I have a whole series called 'Baby Spa' (see pics above and right) - which, as I've mentioned to The Varmint many times, is exactly what it feels like we're doing these days. Baby baths. Warmed towels. Tailored meals. Baby massages. Baby mani-pedis. Baby skin creams. Baby shampoos. 

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Other than the whole crapping oneself on a regular basis, babies have the life. 

Mak_HiThere_8mosSo, Christy's request (as she well knows) gave me the perfect excuse to post a few pics of the Divine Baby Mak. Nobody can explain to you how you can go so loopy over your kid.

It's been a tough haul keeping the compulsion to wax on lovingly about the kid in check, forcing myself to write about other stuff ... you know. Making it appear as if I had a life outside my baby. (Which I do, I really do. I'm just rather more enamored of life with my kid than without.) 

TheBaby7.5mosSo, thanks Christy. Everyone likes it when a friend shows interest in their wee one.

Plus, it helps to relieve some of the pressure: Maybe I won't self-combust from pent-up maternal pride after all. 


  1. ubermegan said on July 1, 2007 14:12

    good for Christy! I'm all about pics of my little girl, since I'm so far away I don't get stats after each visit to the pediatrician. Mak looks amazing and beautiful and smart and sassy just like the 'rents that created her.


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