Holding It All Together By a C-Clamp

Way back on our wedding anniversary, May 22nd, the main computer for our design business experienced a meltdown. We took it into the shop, with the result of a good-news, bad-news scenario. The bad news: The coolant sprung a leak and zapped the entire power supply and processor of the computer. The good news: The motherboard didn't fry, so all of our files and information were still intact. The better news: Apple would pay for everything.

Keyboard_ServiceToday is June 9. (UPDATE: Now, they're saying it will be there until the middle of July!) Our computer is still in the shop. It will be there until sometime next week. This is after Apple forgot to send one of the parts to the repair place. Twice. And when they finally sent the part, the one they sent was defective. The upshot? We're still waiting for that part.

Lucky for us, we have a backup computer and backup files. We used them for the first week. Everything was hunky dory. Then, our backup computer exploded. 

No, I'm not kidding.

C_ClampIn desperation, we borrowed our fellow designer, friend and new personal savior Vince's backup laptop. (His picture currently sits in our offices, with candles, roses and little bowls of rice and wine all around it.) It's performing like a champ.

You'd never know we were hanging by our thumbs. We had a client meeting in there last week, and they never noticed a thing. It all looks pretty darn normal. You see our big screen design monitor, our shiny computers, the groovy treehouse studio. We might even appear, well, successful.

Until you look a little closer and note: 'Hey. That keyboard has SERVICE written all over it. And where is the letter 'T'?' And 'Why is that computer being held together by the machine equivalent of a tourniquet?'

MrClumpersI don't suppose I need to go into the effects such a rash of bad luck might have on a Type-A insomniac prone to hyperventilation. The Varmint - Mr. Zippidee Doo Dah himself - has had a snippy moment or two these past weeks.

But you know just how bad everything is when even Mr. Clumpers is depressed and not sleeping well at night, knowing that our business is currently being held together by a C-clamp.




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