Hurrah for Small Victories

Having had a couple months of The Universe Smacking Our Asses, I would now like to claim a few small victories. These small accomplishments are proof positive that Murphy's Law occasionally malfunctions:

1) Welcome to the Hub: Amidst the mayhem, we managed to re-floor our kitchen and transform our unused dining room into one of the main hang-out areas of the house by adding aTheHub_DiningAreaKitchen mini-office and extra storage. In a place this small that's like 20% more usable house. Wow!

2) The Plumber Wasn't Called: When a baby washcloth somehow rocketed down the bathtub drain and clogged the plumbing in our one and only bathroom, we managed to fish it out before having to call our plumber. He's the guy with missing teeth who likes to bring a photo booklet along that shows the aftermath of his pasty overweight biker friend who PlumbingVictorygot bit by a brown recluse spider. I never thought I'd hear myself high five The Varmint while yelling "Hooray for wire hangers!"

2) Sayonara, Bitey: Our attack table (the one who we named Bitey because of his preferred diet of human shins) is finally gone. Our friend and housekeeper Roberta thought she'd take aSven_the_Coffeetable shot at taming the wild beast. We gave him away. FREE. (It was the least we could do.)

3) Aloha, Sven: Our new coffee table is way more chill. Maybe it has something to do with his cool Danish roots - or the fact that he knows he's so good looking he doesn't even have to try to win us over.


5) The Kid Got Hair: A Bronx cheer to all of you people who had thought Baby Mak might have inherited the bald gene from daddy. Lo! See the previous entry for proof - her tresses are growing at a Rapunzel-like rate. (And all without the use of Baby Rogaine!)

6) The Bug Rides Again: My white 1979 Wolfsburg Edition Convertible Super Beetle is currently experiencing the full Joan Rivers treatment. We've had a preview of the finished product, and I must say, it's pretty impressive. She looks better than she did when I bought her 15 years ago. VWBugNew_1992(That pic is from 1992. Ouch.) The plan is to drive her around a bit this summer, then sell the old girl to the highest bidder - we're talking about the bug, not Joan.

7) The New Computer Is In: Finally. As of Thursday, our new Mac G5 arrived - and we are up and running and back in business. That means I can officially stop hyperventilating. My baby will not starve to death after all.

(Note: New computer not pictured, per the request of Christy.)

Thank you, oh mighty Universe, for getting up off of us once we shouted Uncle. We accept our pink bellies with much gratitude and humility and promise not to do whatever we did ever again. 



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