Three Years Ago, The Deal Was Sealed

Not too long ago, back in the Glory Days as The Varmint would call them, I didn't give a rat's patootie about stuff like wedding anniversaries. "It's just another day," I would say.

I've since changed my mind and now feel that's crap.

While it seems cooler to say stuff like, "I don't need a day for that," or "Another day invented by greeting card companies," blah blah blah, the truth is simpler: Acknowledging a shared accomplishment is good for the soul. Good for teamwork. And good for the relationship.

It's true. We've got a good thing going, here. Sure, we have our eyeball-to-eyeball moments.  I am neurotic and Type-A. He's easily distracted and a Type-B. And nothing makes a Type-A's eyes bug out and hands go homicidally twitchy as when a Type-B lolls around on his new "I turned 40 and look what my friends got for me!" hammock. Especially when there is A WHOLE LOTTA WORK TO BE DONE, DUDE.

But as I was saying, keeping a relationship healthy takes effort. Loving effort, but effort nonetheless. 

"And you're still on your honeymoon," my mom, married for 30 years, reminds me. "Give it another 20 years."

Married3YearsBut so far, life is good. Really good. And since there are so many times it isn't, I think that's cause enough for annual celebration. But how to celebrate it? Flowers? Jewelry? Nah. (Can you hear the sighs of relief from guys everywhere?) A b-n-b and some jungle boogie? Nah. We LIVE the jungle boogie, people. 

Our plan is to go out to dinner, see a movie - and buy one piece of technology that we both want. This year, we're thinking HDTV. Because we're not afraid to claim it: This is a household with a lot of talent, that reads voraciously, does art, plays games, has interests - and that LOVES its television and movies.

So, here's to that one hour a night - when the kid's asleep, dinner's finished, the day is done, that we're snuggled under the blanket and cracking jokes, still awake, and watching a movie. I look forward to that hour every day, and plan to look forward to it for several decades to come.

I love you, my furry little critter. Long may your chest hairs wave.



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