The Varmint's Third 40th Birthday

No, that doesn't mean The Varmint is 43. It means that this was the third party for him. If that sounds excessive, let it be known that he is still not satisfied.

"I need more parties," says The Varmint, his mouth full of birthday apple tart. "Three days just isn't enough. It really should be my birthday month."

I glare at him, but he doesn't look up.

He continues, "We could call it 'The Month of the Varmint' and people would just send me presents - one for every day of the month." He wiggles his toes back and forth happily as he eats his tart, gesturing with his fork. "It's kind of nice that there are 31 days in May."

"Hmm," I say. "How 'bout for Varmint Month, I do all of your laundry?"

"But you do my laundry anyway," says The Varmint, looking up from his tart.

"Exactly. Happy Birthday."


  1. The New Yorker said on June 1, 2007 19:35

    This Varmint must be some dude... I gotta meet this fine fella who was able to tame Tamara and win her affection!


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