Some Consolation
G5 Mac

The verdict is in: The computer will live and all of our client files are saved. But it's going to cost $1100 to fix. Ouch.

The better news? Since the failure was caused by the G5's liquid cooling system blowing a gasket, and it's a known issue for that model, Mac is going to pay for it. (Which is just another reason why we love Mac, and why, when it comes time to replace the PC laptop I'm a-typin' on, it will be with a Mac.)

So, phew. We're still out our savings, but hey. We dodged an $1100 bullet - and that definitely counts for something. Perhaps the black cloud hanging overhead has turned a sweeter shade of grey, with a tiny little prism winking at us from the ongoing drizzle. Huzzah!

I'd love to write more, but we just returned from Dusty and Jen's pad where we ate humongous pulled pork sandwiches. The tryptophans are kicking in.

Eyelids... getting... heavy. Brain ... no... longer... functional.



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