Letters to Makenna: 8 Months Old

Hi Makenna,

You are now officially 8 months old and mama's head is spinning. Where is that little dark-eyed peanut I brought home from the hospital? And who replaced her with this dancy-eyed, whirligig of a little girl with her "Ma-maaah-mah-mah"s, her laughs and her don't-bother-me-I'm-currently-contemplating-string-theory stares?

What I wouldn't give to know what has you transfixed in those daydreamy moments, and how I love it when you snap-to, catch me in your sights and brighten my world with your crazy two-toothed grin. You are such a blast. 

Mak_GoodyaRose_8mosYou are definitely mama's girl at this point; the tether that binds us is thick. We watch out for each other, you and I, we're the favorite blip on the other's radar. You reach for me even when you're in perfectly loving arms. It's a good thing. A natural thing. But mama's arms are starting to look a little like an orangutan's. Still, I'm soaking it in now because I know there will be many, many days in my future where that's not the case. And I'll be looking back at these days with a heavy heart.  

Bath time is all you and daddy. I'm listening to the two of you now. The water is running, I hear Shamu-sized splashing and daddy is doing the keening babycall that we do, to get you to squeal back at us: "Eeeeee-yyyyah!" and you say, "Gah! Dah! Gah!" or sometimes "EEEEEeeeeeEEEEEeeeee______________aaaaaah!"

The blank part there is where you get so high pitched that there are no letters that describe the sound because it comes out nearly silent, except that birds drop out of the sky, dogs start running in circles and whales beach themselves on our front lawn. Usually, you'll grin your Gerber-baby grin and do your little open-handed clap afterward, as if applauding your own performance.

You are crawl-hop baby, where one half of you crawls in the traditional way, and the other side, well... you sort of tuck it under and pivot forward. Sometimes, you'll use your foot to push or navigate. Or you'll touch it down quick, and tuck it back up in an economy of effort, or as if you were saving that foot for something special. I'd say a glass slipper, but the greater likelihood is a rock climbing slipper, a hiking boot or maybe a soccer cleat.

I think it's because learning to crawl and walk on hardwood floors isn't the easiest thing to do. You've got crawling callouses developing. On the bright side, like learning to snowboard on hard-melt glacier, you will learn fast and well; one remembers one's mistakes when discomfort is involved. Not to worry too much - that diaper of yours is a generous and mighty landing pad.

TamMakTak_7mosIn happier news, while still very good friends with the boobie twins, you are also an avid eater of large quantities of actual food. This only proves that genetics really do work. Your manners are similar to ours, too, though even we are impressed by your ability to get food in almost every orifice - despite being fully clothed. Mommy and daddy can't do that unless they hire a babysitter and get a hotel room.

Well, Makenna, I hear your daddy chanting to you as you are forced to watch surf vids. "Time to go nigh-nigh. Baby needs to go nigh-nigh. Aren't you tired, baby? Sooooo tired. It's nigh-nigh time." It's eerily effective: The blue waves, the soft guitar music, the rhythmic chanting... You and I are both asleep before he's through with his 'Ballad of the Nigh-Nigh' 9 times out of 10.

Anyway, if I want to get one last look at you before you hit the crib, I'd better get out there. From the sound of things, I might already be too late...

I love you, Baby Girl.




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