Downtown San Diego

It seems like nearly every day a new architectural monstrosity joins the group using San Diego's downtown landscape as its personal bukkake target.

I snapped this with the handy little Canon PowerShot A610 that The Varmint gave me for my backpack as I drove north on 11th Avenue, heading home.

It had been a long day in a pointless meeting. And I all I can remember, besides snapping these photos, is a desperate craving for salad rolls from Saffron.


  1. Momma-V said on April 15, 2007 10:55

    Wow. I too have been attacked by a building.

    [And, it only took me 3 tries searching for the "...box below...." The word just melted into the stuff around. Thought process something like this: "what. beach? No,bleach.
    B L E A C H.... not bleach. Why does he care about beach. This isn't about water.]

  2. Dex said on April 16, 2007 23:43

    Ummm, I got an anonymous tip to pass along the following:

    "My virgin eyes and ears have been violated in the very first paragraph!!! What is this filth? Clean up your act! Get on the path to righteousness! And most importantly, next time: Please spell "bukkake" properly!" I'm only saying this so you'll be more considerate of the fine working people of Chatsworth, CA .

  3. Tam said on April 17, 2007 10:37

    Actually, I'm rather pleased that I misspelled 'bukkake' - my naivete remains intact. I, for one, was not about to do a Google search on the subject to ensure proper spelling. I learned my lesson with the hemorrhoid fiasco.

    By the way, It is equally interesting that 'Mr. Anonymous' (hi, Dex!) not only can spell it properly, but is considered an expert - nay, even WON A JOURNALISM AWARD for - a certain article about PORN. So please. Save the righteousness routine for someone who DOESN'T KNOW YOU VERY WELL.



    P.S. How's Salma?


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