Because I'm All About the Fairness

The other day as I was walking with Deb, she pointed out something that I felt was pretty obvious: "You know, you don't have any really bad pictures of yourself on your blog."

My response was something along the lines of DUH!

I mean, who in their right mind would go putting up horrible images of yourself for the world to see? And let me tell you, with the possible exception of my downright gorgeous and au naturel sister-in-law Tina who blinks every single time, I take some pretty unattractive photos. We're talking blinky, shiny, wrinkly, half-lidded wonders. Horrible pictures - the kind where you look like you just got out of a car with a hangover after driving through Baja after a three-day party where you brought loads of tequila and no fresh water. You know what I'm talking about.

But since Deb, who we hired a few weeks back to manage and transfer the images here on One Good Life, currently wields the power to illegally publish stuff on this blog, I knew: A pre-emptive strike was in order. Please note that she sneakily took the following picture, and directly afterward snarked "You'll NEVER publish this one!" after rolling around on the sofa, snort-cackling with my husband about its' hideousness in the viewfinder.


Oh no, Deb. You're wrong. I have published it here. Because, frankly, I'm a slut for laughter. And because you said I wouldn't. (And don't think I don't know you were using reverse psychology, because - ha! ha! - I knew. And I did it ANYWAY, because I'm a rebel like that.)

And mostly because now, NOW when I post WHATEVER PHOTOS I WANT OF YOU AND THE GIRLS, everyone will have but one thing to say, and that is: GEE, THANKS DEB FOR UNLEASHING THE 'ANYTHING GOES' RULE.


P.S. In the spirit of this entry, let it be known, far and wide, I am researching Varmint Twins for the men in our lives. I am taking submissions, and have several choice candidates banked already.  




  1. Deb said on April 7, 2007 09:18

    That photo is beautiful. Maybe you can be in the next Cafe Japengo ad. http://www.aventine.com/restaurants/japengo/japengo_r1_c2.jpg


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