Baby Mak is On the Move

Hear that sound? It's the death knell of whatever free time we had. As of yesterday, Thursday afternoon, April 26, our baby can crawl. Welcome to the wonderful, diaper-wagging world of High Speed baby, with mom as perennial chase vehicle. 

(By the way, I'd like to have a word with whomever approved that memo without consulting me first...)

From her many destination choices, the preferred is usually my leg. There she claws my shins, trying fervently to climb my leg like a repair guy climbs a telephone pole - all the while squawking loudly to be picked up. Lucky for her, she perfected baby blue Bambi-eyes a few weeks back. Those big eyes, combined with her single tooth grin and crazy-like-Johnny-Rotten hairstyle, I admit to finding her damn near irresistible.

I'm gonna say it: At this stage, she's downright adorable.

Sweetness[Disclaimer: Statements like that, combined with a crazy glee at her slightest accomplishment are what I remember to have found so nauseating in new parents - before I had kids. Yet, here I am brimming with pride and joy at her ability to move of her own accord on all fours. So to all you people sighing deeply and rolling your eyes: Suck it. I had to sit through everyone else's "moments" - I am SO due. Lucky for me, I'm pretty much surrounded by people who, if not equally delerious with love for my kid, are at least accepting of it. Frankly, I would have found my pre-kid self to be a big ol' pill. I mean, what hard-hearted grump would not find such cuteness at least a little charming?]

Anyway, today will be spent moving stuff out of harm's way and buying a baby cage gate. I guess they call that babyproofing, but what it really means is that I can get myself a cup of coffee with decreased fear that my kid will be gargling nail polish by the time I get back.

And by the way? Tonight, The Varmint and I actually have plans to go out. Whoa! Many thanks to Nana Jan for volunteering to give us a night out. We love you, mom!



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