My Little Lion Cub

No one likes to make the analogy, but at this 5-months-old stage, baby humans are a lot like baby animals.

There's the chewing, and the drooling, and the ravenous (and slightly scary in a nipple-shriveling sort of way) eating. And in my kid's case, there is also the growling and the barking.

Mostly, she growls and lunges at Leonardo di Liono, her favorite toy. Leo is a fuzzy gay lion with chewable paws. (I say he's gay because he's coiffed his 'do in rainbow colors, and really, there is no better giveaway than that, other than if he had an exceptional wardrobe and I was inexorably drawn to go shopping with him.)

Unfortunately, this has caused Leo to suffer a severe lack of self esteem. I believe this is due to Baby Mak reversing the time-tested lion-tamer roles and stuffing HIS head into HER gaping maw, however toothless and drool-ridden it might be.

Apologies, Leo. When we brought you home, we never thought you'd be emasculated by a tyrannical five-month-old baby girl with a mauling fixation.

Our bad.


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