Feelin' Kinda Springtime

It was absolutely beautiful today - cloudless, perfect temperature, flowers in bloom (this is a shot of one of our roses before the frost hit). Convertibles appear from nowhere like rats in a sugar factory on days like this.

Jen came over early for french toast breakfast. We spent the rest of the morning as a family, under an umbrella in the front yard, teaching Makenna to balance while sipping coffee. Later, we assembled her new high chair, hung some blinds and then barbecued carne asada on the grill, used our home-grown avocados and made tacos.

We had our new favorite dessert: Banana waffles with french vanilla ice cream and blueberries for dessert while watching the new bad-ass James Bond in Casino Royale.

Look at this entry, will you? I am a freaking domestic GODDESS, people! And that there is a sentence I never thought I would utter aloud, and certainly not as smugly as I feel it. "Look at our little patch of idyll! Ain't life grand?!"

It still freaks me out that this is a new version of a great day for us - before, it would have been camping in some remote location and spending it strapped to a rock, sliding down the snow or hiking the day away.

I've decided I'm going wallow in good days like this as if I were a pig in slop - because a curveball day, the kind of day where heavy glassware acts like a heat-seeking head missile might just be around the corner.   

It's definitely starting to feel like Springtime in San Diego.


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