A Perfect Poop Storm

For the past three weeks, things at Chez Varmint have been a simmering pile of clenched butts and grinding teeth. Initially I couldn't write because we were hard at work on the new One Good Life site; we were transferring content.

But then the Perfect Poop Storm arrives. And lingers like an alleycat fed once too many times: 

  1. The baby gets sick. It sucks, but babies do that. So it wouldn't be so horrible, except that 
  2. I get sick. Two troops down. We might have managed, but for the fact that
  3. The Varmint gets sick. All this at the same time that
  4. Gramma J, our primary babycare helper, goes out of town and we realize "Hey. We don't have a backup plan..." just as
  5. A dumptruck of unrefusable, high-profile work hits
  6. With ridiculously tight deadlines 
  7. As we're finishing the long-distance renovation of the townhouse in Arizona and
  8. Dealing with tetchy Arizona lawyers about the paperwork and
  9. Struggling with a weird accounting faux pas and preparing for the rape of tax season as we're trying to see
  10. Visiting out-of-town relatives and provide support to not one but
  11. Two girlfriends who go into labor ... and all the while I'm
  12. Getting WHAT THE F*&# emails from blog readers asking (and I quote) "Where are you? Why are you being so lazy?"

Yeaaaaah.  Lazy.

If that list isn't enough to spur some sympathy, just add leaky boobs and the smell of spitup to the list. And yet?

We endure. And The Varmint's handiwork designing the new blog? The coolest. 


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