Yo, Baby
This is the baby's Longshoreman Outfit. I'm including it here because it is one of the rare times where you will see her in anything other than pajamas.

Frankly, I find that baby clothes are a pain in the ass. Sure, babies look cute in their jeans and their little button up shirts, but let's face it: With button-up shirts, there are buttons. Which means you have to button the buttons. Have you ever tried buttoning jeans onto a Crisco-coated otter?

And seriously, what self-respecting baby wouldn't prefer their comfy zip-up fleecy jammies to that scratchy-ass denim, anyway? Everyone knows it's all about THEIR comfort. Who cares if mommy looks like a lazy, neglectful candidate for CPS - just as long as I'm in my velvety pajamas!

Anyway, I found an excellent compromise at the Gymboree sale yesterday, certain to make New Jersey mobsters green with envy: The velour track suit. Looks like clothes. Feels like jammies.

Now all I need are some nice gold chains...


  1. The Varmint said on February 20, 2007 09:59

    Cutest baby ever (In my humble and totally unbiased opinion)

  2. Tam said on February 21, 2007 13:04

    That Varmint makes a really good point... ;)

  3. The Varmint said on February 22, 2007 18:42

    A good point, yes. Just like the tips of my varminty ears.


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