One for the Ladies

Sssssh. I'm hiding. Don't tell anyone I'm blogging. If they find out, they'll try to make me work or behave pleasantly, and frankly, I don't feel like doing either.

It's the holidays. It may say "Christmas Vacation" on our calendars, but you and I both know: If you're 1) Female 2) a Parent or, heaven forbid, 3) Both it's anything but...

By the way, if you're a guy and you want to yell "sexism" at my admittedly blatant comedic generalization above - - go ahead. Yell until you're hoarse. But you know and I know that in general, if it were up to men, we'd all be drinking beer, eating microwaved burritos and opening newspaper-wrapped gifts (i.e. "found objects from around the house") for Christmas. The only holiday lights would be the occasional blue flame as a fart was successfully lit afire.

So, here's to all the ladies and moms out there, busting their fannies to make the holidays sparkle: Thanks for all the hard work. You put the Merry in front of that Christmas, girls, and for that alone you totally rock.


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