Happy Holidays!

It's been a great 2006 for our family. I don't suppose you need to guess about what my favorite gift might be this year. Worth every contraction. Every heave. Every hive. For The Varmint and me, 2006 will always be the year our Makenna Kay was born.

This was my view from my big red chair yesterday. Notice the gifts still being wrapped atop the coffee table, the pile of laundry on the sofa and the baby sleeping on her meat mattress. (Finally. A good use for a man watching football...) Here, my friends, is the average person's Christmas. There is no giant hallway festooned with wreaths and silver bells, no BMW with a bow on it in the driveway, no gourmet meal simmering away in the kitchen. Nope. It's just us. Life unfolding as we fold sweet-smelling baby clothes. A shared snack of a carnitas tamale and an ice-cold Coke. Us, hanging out and enjoying our family. 

ChristmasEve2006.jpgWe plan to do more of that this morning, just with a bigger crowd and several more decibels involved. We're heading off to mom's to watch my brother's kids go hog wild, shredding their gifts into piles of Christmas paper confetti.

Last night they were so jacked up we were peeling them off the ceiling with broomsticks. Only the promise of Santa kept my nephew Kaio from physically imploding.

MakDaddyEyetoEye.jpgAnyway, here's hoping your holidays are equally bright. Thanks for sharing this year with us. Here's to you, your family and your friends. Let's all raise a glass tonight and wish for peace.


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