The 'Dear Mom' Letter

Dear Mom,

Now that I have a daughter, a few things have come clear to me. So here it is, the kind of letter moms long to someday receive - especially during their kids' teen years.

Notice I'm sending it to you so the whole world can read it. Maybe that means you'll gloat in private, but then, what am I thinking? I know you better.

The truth is, I figure I owe you this much, and since I'm almost 40, I'm finally (okay, probably) mature enough to send this to you and really mean it.

Stuff You Were Right About

* You were right about almost everything I said you were wrong about, but because I was a [baby/kid/ young adult/ teenager/ college student/ stubborn jerk], I didn't want to admit it.

* It's true. I really never understood how much you loved me. But I think I'm starting to.

* I understand things differently now, and I amend my previous assessment: You are not completely old-fashioned and totally out-of-date. You're classic.

* You've got a wealth of life experiences and I'm really glad you shared them with me, even if I never told you that I was.

* Contrary to previous repetitive affirmation, I'm actually rather glad I'm alive, and while it's true that I never asked to be born, I'll admit now to being pleased with the results.

* Thanks for holding on loosely - and for not letting go. That takes some major nads.

* Sorry about those late nights, the sneaking out, the crappy boyfriends and the nasty attitude. Yeah, it's normal growing up stuff, but still. Some things deserve acknowledgment, and the fact that your parents lived through all the crap you tortured them with only proves that they're stronger and wiser than you thought they were. So, thanks.

* Deep apologies for running away from home on Mother's Day. I now agree with you: The timing could have been better.

* You were right when you said you knew I loved you even when I said I didn't. As you always put it, "I'll love you forever, but that doesn't mean I have to like you every day." Well, yeah. Now that I'm older, I marvel at how many people in my life that applies to.

* Thanks for doing all the cooking and keeping things clean. Especially when you didn't feel like it. And for the record? It did make a difference. It's the difference between a living in a burrow and living in a home. 'Nuff said.

* Remember how you used to drop us off and pick us up everywhere? From soccer practice to school stuff to the UTC mall? You were right: It was really cool of you to run a taxi service and never charge us.

* I apologize for those times when I pretended you weren't there, or forgot to say 'thank you' or rolled my eyes when you said something that set off my "uncool detector" in front of my friends. [Actually, I think the most recent transgression on this one was sometime last week, so let's just make this a blanket apology...]

So there you go. There are probably 10,000 more things I could write about, but these are the ones I'm going with. For now, anyway. As my kid gets older, I'm sure I'll be compelled to add to the list. Or you'll be happy to remind me.

Hey, maybe you can use this as motivation for babysitting: It's sort of like watching karma happen in real time.

I love you, Mom.



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