Meg, Mak, Tak + Tam

I can officially assert that not all houseguests stink after three days. Some you actually wish would move in. (Note: The Varmint actually just said, "Do you think if we emptied out our garage and built a studio, Megan would move in?")

Megan is no ordinary houseguest. She is my best friend 0f 29 years. She now lives too far away in Boise, Idaho, and has been here since Tuesday for a week-long visit. The woman used her vacation time and spent her hard-earned cash to fly south to baby wrangle and help us out for a whole week. How cool is that?!

TamTakMeg.jpgWith Meg, there's none of that weird, nervous, "What if they see my dirty undies?" vibe that you sometimes get with visitors. In a coincidence of major proportion, Meg and The Varmint also knew one another in high school. So essentially, everyone's family and looks deeply forward to hanging out. If a pair of dirty undies did happen to be left out, they'd probably be stapled to the wall with a Post-It note attached that read "Nice skidmark, doofus!"

This time around, the love's been magnified by the arrival of Makenna - and Meg's unabashed love of people (she legitimately likes people! for real!), babies in particular, and even more particular, OUR baby.


MegMak.jpgShe naturally practices all Five Things To Do to Make Parents Love You. What are the Five Things To Do to Make Parents Love You? I'm glad you asked...











THE FIVE THINGS TO DO TO MAKE PARENTS LOVE YOU Want breeding people to adore you? It's easy. Just do what our houseguest Megan does.

  1. Shower their kid with love and attention. Too many compliments is never enough.
  2. If the kid's crying, be sensitive.
  3. If the diaper needs changing, jump in.
  4. Make food.
  5. Lend a hand. If you can lug, hold, clean, carry, entertain, feed, babysit or otherwise make life somehow easier for the parents, they will love you forever.

It works. I wrote this, and I promise you - if you were to do these 5 Things and I knew you didn't actually fancy babies and just wanted to butter us up - I so wouldn't care. I would still love you like a dog loves its owner at dinnertime.

With Megan, it's even worse. It's repulsively genuine. She didn't read the list. She IS the list. The result? This magical week, The Varmint and I have been getting rest. And laughing a lot. And going out. And having fun almost like normal people.

Those reasons alone would make us love her. But we loved her in a big, bad, hairy way even before that. It should say something that she's getting requests for a long-term relationship from my husband - and I am in complete agreement.

It may have become a stalker kind of love now. So yeah, Megs - it may seem as if things are moving a little too fast for you at first (what with the request for long-term cohabitation and all), but trust me, when it's right, it's right. You've got a whole new life waiting for you here in San Diego. Forget that kid, nice house and successful career in Boise. We need you here.

And hey, we're offering you our garage, free of charge. How can you pass up a deal like that?


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