They'd Make Great Daddies
 I brought my camera and my husband on my most recent outing to super groovy Little Italy to meet Dex for lunch at one of my favorite spots Caffe Italia - and boy, am I glad.
First, I was thrilled that The Varmint came along because 1) The Varmint is always a hoot, and 2) because that second pair of hands comes in handy when your kid decides that she would like a personal walking tour of Little Italy, and she would like it NOW. (And no, she doesn't care that your food was just placed in front of you, either. Suck it up, Maggot!)
The other reason I was thrilled that The Varmint came along - looking mighty chic might I add - is that Dex is always the metrosexually ultra-stylish dresser. I liked the idea of basking in the shiny, reflected glow of two (count 'em!, TWO) well-dressed, well-groomed, attractive and intelligent guys, neither of whom had spit-up anywhere on their person. Neat!
It was at some point during our lunch (probably during the overtly lustful stare from the flambuoyant Lance Armstrong wannabe directed toward our table) that I realized what I really looked like was the bedraggled third wheel infringing on a very happy couple's family outing with their newly-adopted daughter. Or maybe their Swedish nanny. (Well, except for the fact that the baby's glow-worm tendencies are rather evidently a donation from yours honkily.) I kept wondering, as people gazed admiringly at my offspring, whether they assumed I was the mommy - or whether she might be the much-adored child of two very hip daddies.
Either way, it was a great afternoon with good eats and fun company. Before we left, I made sure to take a nice photo of the boys with the baby.
After all, I might have the next cover of OUT in my camera, and people, let me tell you, if it's true I couldn't be more thrilled.
We sure could use the money.


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