Rudolf's Diner

In the cacophony of major life-changing events that have been swirling around Tam + Varmintland, I forgot about a wonderful little event that I had been meaning to share.

The Varmint and I are fortunate enough to have many eclectic and interesting friends. One of them happens to run an online magazine. We were recently asked by our good friend Uncle Rudolf to contribute to his 'zine, aptly titled Rudolf's Diner. This issue's theme (every issue has a theme) is LEAP.

Anyway, The Varmint and I were deeply flattered, and quickly obliged before he thought better of his generosity and changed his mind. We are happier, healthier more robustly-proportioned people for having spent some quality chow time in The Diner. (We recommend the short story taters with a side of poetry biscuits and gravy - especially good stuff!) 

In the end The Varmint and I opted, as we usually do, to collaborate: The Varmint created a lovely piece of art to go along with my story (a portion of which was originally published here on OGL) about pursuing this whole motherhood thing, and backing my ass into it as I seem to do with crazy-important, life-altering, universe-shifting decisions such as, you know, who to marry and stuff like whether procreating is something I really want to try.

Anyway, if you wanna see Varmint art and read the story, you can do it right here.

And for the record, I'm really, really glad my ass backed in to this particular decision. As a matter of fact, I'd say it was one of the smartest things my ass ever did.


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