Somebody Please Play the Rocky Theme

 This Saturday, a milestone was reached. As The Varmint and I sit on the sofa with the baby next to us (don't get me wrong, she hasn't been born yet - it's just that when your belly's this big and squirmy, it gets its own cushion), he looks deep into my eyes and says three sweet, soulful words I haven't heard in ages: "We can relax."

There are some caveats, naturally, but for the most part he's right. We're done. We made it by the hair of our chinny-chin-chins.

1. The baby room's mostly together

2. The design studio and new office are functional

3. The baby's sleeping spot in our bedroom is ready

Basically, thanks to our Contractor and friend Brad, my mom, my brother, The Girls, our friends, Justin and a lot of personal sweat and blood - all the heavy lifting, building, shuffling, and cleaning is complete - and we have mostly what we need to manage a pooping, peeing, spit-upping, drooling, screaming, sucking little sausage-with-eyes that must be kept at an ideal temperature 24/7. Somehow, it all came together in the last two days.

"If she comes tomorrow," said The Varmint, "for the first time ever, I feel like we'd be ready."

"Well," I amend with a rueful smile, "as ready as we can ever be."

"Yes," agrees Varmint, "as we can ever be."

We sit and relax for awhile, enjoying the nothingness and the quiet, basking like dogs in the sunlight, reveling in our having made it.

Five minutes later I say, "Ok, I'm bored. I feel like we should be doing something."

"Well," says The Varmint thoughtfully, "I do need some new drill bits from Home Depot . . . "

"Cool," I say, "Let's go! How 'bout we get some soft serve on the way?"


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