Handy Gizmos for Lazy Parents

In the midst of researching kid crap, I've found a few little items that I think might just be indispensable. Strangely, you don't find them listed on many "essentials" lists and I, for one, can't understand why not.

For the record, I'm extremely bitter that I didn't find these little beauties before my baby shower - but I've begun to cut coupons and might be able to amass my "alternative parenting" collection by sometime in 2008: 

  1. The Daddle - Personally, I think this thing is essential, not just for babies, but for wives. I'd like another, less savory, multi-husband version (inspired by the image below) so The Girls and I could take turns riding around the neighborhood in the roller-sled with oversized margaritas, shouting "Mush! You hot hunks of beef! MUSH!!!"

    Despite the fact that The Daddle comes with kneepads (albeit sold separately), somehow, I don't think the guys would go for it. Spoilsports.

  2. Billy Bob Pacifier - Building self-esteem is fine and all, but you don't want your baby to get cocky on you, either. Here's a great way to teach your kid that looks aren't everything - while building your child's character. Just remember to tell your precious treasure "We're not laughing AT you. We're laughing at your teeth."

  3. Zaky Infant Pillow - Every mom can use a hand with child care, and this little gadget offers TWO. These pillows are designed with the perfect weight, proportion and feel of an average mother's hand and forearm: Perfect to bamboozle baby into sleepy submission whilst you make a quick dash to the liquor store. The only downside? Your kid might have some creepy long-term issues involving The Muppets.
  4. A perfect solution for motion-sick mothers who feel too young to be spending so much time in their rocking chairs, The Lullabub Automatic Crib Rocker is a 21st Century parenting aid that promotes your child's dependence on technology from an early age. And really - what could be more appropriate for today's child than that?


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