Baby's Room: The Big Reveal

Today, I plopped the final cherry on the top of the baby room sundae. The Varmint andLanternJewelry.jpg I are really happy with how it came out. 

I love interior design and this project was so much fun to plan and execute - I'm actually sad it's over. And that's even with having a McDonald's budget and Tavern on the Green taste.

My goal was for the room to be feminine and functional without being too girlie froo-froo. I think we succeeded - especially after my 3-year-old nephew Trajan test-piloted the room and it passed muster. None of the guys who've checked it out BabyRoomActivityCenter.jpghave uttered a groan or had their testicles shrivel upon entering the space, either.

Mike J's even looking forward to "passing out drunk and waking up on the floor in there." He described it as "a nice, relaxing space without too much crap in it." Thanks, Mike! But the final and perhaps ultimate guy thumbs up came when our favorite sarcastic contractor, all-American dude and good friend Brad said: "Yeah, this'll work." In Brad terms, that's pretty much gushing.

Personally, I think I might be happiest with how the glider came out. Check out these before and after pics, below. (FYI - The "before" shot isn't my grandpa's actual original glider, but a picture I found of its' strikingly similar twin. BabyChangingStation.jpgThe photo effectively details the terrible condition and color of our glider when we sent it over to R.W. Little to be sandblasted and powdercoated.) Cool, huh? Plus, it glides so nice and quiet and is a smoother, more soothing and relaxing movement than rocking. Mom did an awesome job sewing the cushions - they are sleek and immaculately tailored. The foam is so firm and comfy that The Varmint and I both regularly sneak in the room just to chill in the glider and hang out. It's even more comfortable than the plush sofa that sat in that space previously. . . So much so that our butt cheeks will be sending mom a thank you note. 

Hopefully, our baby girl's space will be a comfy, happy place for her, too. We're excited for us all to spend time together as a family.

I am feeling so happy and excited to be a mom - and to share this experience with my fabulous husband and our amazing crew of family, friends and friends who are family.

Thanks, everybody. Life is good, and only getting better: Thanks for coming along for the glide.



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