Things are Getting Weird

I just woke up. I mean it. Still got goo in my eyes.

I just had the weirdest dream and had to stumble in here to blog it before I forgot it: Shannon and I are in Berlin talking to a friend in the middle of a huge crowd of people. Suddenly, music video style, I become aware that I'm supposed to erupt into song. I do so and while supportive, the entire crowd stares at me, somewhat horrified.

See, unlike a well-produced music video, it's my real voice that issues forth - which means while loud and passionate, it's completely off-key and sounds rather like a dying water buffalo with a lioness attached to its back.

That's when I notice with some degree of relief that my family is all around me in the crowd. It doesn't seem at all strange that my family are actually The Muppets - and that they're totally embarrassed and humiliated at my shoddy performance.

"How am I supposed to live this down?!" wails Fozzy, "I'm supposed to be a grandparent!"

"You're right!" howls Kermit, "We need something to hug!"

"The baby!" cries Animal.

"Yes, the baby!" cries Miss. Piggy.

Then they all turn en masse to the right, and the entire pack of fuzzy, floppy, feathered heads charge out of my view at alarming speed, shouting "STORM THE BABY!"


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