Surf Safari to Nicaragua

Tomorrow evening the Varmint will scuttle from his burrow, nose pointed southeast, surfboards firmly under forepaw. He and his salty crew of bewhiskered scalywags are heading to the tropical climes of Nicaragua for a week of wavehunting and manly bonding.

Frankly, I'm impressed that they've managed to pull off the planning and coordination required to catalyze themselves into cohesive action. Apparently, the promise of miles of uncrowded surf is a high-stakes motivator for this crew. [Note to self: Keep in mind for future leverage.]

Meanwhile, lots of folks (including The Varmint himself) are sweetly fretting, concerned that the baby's due in just five weeks and that The Varmint might miss the baby boat, as it were: But frankly, I'm not worried. I'm all for his sowing his surfing oats before his life is forever galvanized, estrogenized and daddified by the arrival of Wee Girl. 

Besides, I feel great (especially considering that I'm lugging around an extra 25 pounds of liquid, lard and babymeat) and absolutely twinge-less. If any funny business does occur, the kid and I have an agreement that we're going to wait it out, lock it down and chill until daddy gets back. . . I'm confident she'll cooperate.VarmintSurferized.jpg

She's been mostly reasonable so far, goosestepping and Flamenco dancing only when the urge is too strong for her to resist. If my hopes for an uneventful separation for El Varmint and moi are foiled by my overactive uterus, backup plans, emergency numbers and video cameras are in place. Everything will be fine.

More than fine, actually. Did I mention that we have a king-sized bed that will be mine, mine, mine aaaallllll mine? And that there will be no quilt-robbing crocodile rolls, huffalumping or ripsaw-snoring? Plus, I've got a nice spa day planned with Deb, several sleepovers and dinners, five days of walks, a party and the promised arrival of LBJ (Little Brother John) who is trekking south to San Diego to help us get a jump on the big office move. 

Nicaragua_Surf2.jpgWhich doesn't mean I won't miss my Varmint. But come on - look at this place he's going! And then look at his happy little whiskery face! He Nicaragua_Facility.jpgdeserves a nice vacation.

The way I see it, this is also a wise investment in long term planning:

That's because in early 2008 I'm heading to Northern Italy with The Girls to celebrate our 4oth birthdays and leaving him alone for 10 days with a precocious two-year-old. That, my friends, sounds like one sweet bargain to me. And what sweet delayed gratification it will be...

(All images, other than the one of The Varmint, are the property of Popoyo Surf Lodge in Nicaragua. OBVIOUSLY. Ain't no way I'm taking no stinking surf shots when it's double-overhead. . . )


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