Return of the Conquering Hero

The Varmint returned yesterday, exhausted, stingray welted, bescabbed, aching, sore - and well-pleased with himself, his friends (see pic) and his entire Nicaraguan adventure. 

After staying up all night sharing pictures and gabbing, we crashed for a few hours, woke up, made some coffee and started all over again. He multi-tasked, slurping coffee and blabbing while managing his stanky, ultra- putrid boy-laundry (I declNicaragua_VARMINTSURF.jpgared "100% hands-off" priveleges). Unpacking took a long time. 

That's partly due to my having him open his bags outside in the front yard - not just because of the potency of the surf gear fumes, but because creepy crawlies from tropical climes have a penchant for open suitcases and dirty undies.

He has pictures of both a dead tarantula and a scorpion (see pic, below) found in his room, and having personally experienced the super-roaches of central Mexico (you know, the ones that smoke cigars and tap you on the shoulder to ask if you're going to finish that last bite of food) this girl's not taking any chances.

Nicaragua_SCORPION.jpgIt was many hours post-trip before The Varmint noticed that there was a suspicious lack of information regarding how I'd spent my time in his absence.

"Hmm. You didn't even blog anything," he notes, eyes narrowing. "Is there a pool boy I don't know about?"


"Nope," I reply. "No pool boys this time, just the gardener and the prerequisite naked pillow fight with the girls while standing in a zucchini patch. Plus, I managed the biz, baby and house projects, and went to various sundry appointments."

I love the term "appointments." It works for nearly everything: Including get-togethers, shopping, shoe shopping (a class in itself), lunches, dinners and snacks out, manicures, pedicures, hair appointments, facials, Jacuzzi-and-dinner parties with girlfriends, and oh, yeah - a full day at a spa with Deb.

Turns out, it was a most excellent and fruitful week for both of us. Now, it's Monday and a whole new world: The clock is ticking, we've got a three-page, single-space to-do list and it's time to get down to business.


The party is officially over.


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