Mount St. Crapola

This is the current state of our office. And currently, the state of our life, as well.

In a bizarre series of Bad Luck Schleprock Events (which shall remain nameless here), Life has stepped in, its nose in the air, to slap our unsuspecting faces with an oversized white glove and sneer, "Zeess iss vat yoo get for yorr eegnorrance! Take zat! Und zat!"

With SS Baby Makenna on the way, and her usually hyper and multi-tasking mom the size of an ever-expanding ocean freighter and about as cumbersome as one, too, things are progressing slowly here at Chez Varmint. It's a game of chess, played in days instead of minutes ("Hmmm, first we need to empty the garage, then we can move that stuff out there..."), with the ultimate goals being a brand-spanking new and finished office studio and a baby room capable of storing a mountain of baby crap in some other fashion than inside a mountain of cardboard boxes.

You'll note I've made no mention of decoration, design or any sort of commentary around "getting the baby room ready." That's because I've wisely long since given up any notion of "finishing" the baby room before the kid gets here.

Not that it matters. Everyone says you don't use the baby room 'til later anyway - like it or not, Little Miss Suckypants is going to be sleeping in our room to get fed every couple of hours with a minimum of fuss. So. While getting the crib built might be nice, and moving the boxes down to the studio would be good, the bottom line is that the kid'll have a place to eat, poop and sleep - even if it is a recycled cardboard box with some shredded newspaper in it.

The way I see it, that's about all any baby could ask for - and since they can't talk, it doesn't matter. Sometimes, you just have to let The Universe take over and go with the flow.


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