L.A. Update


A few of you emailed wanting to know whether or not we'd managed to find furniture with my friend Jac in Los Angeles.

The answer is no. Sadly, we did not. I did salivate over a lovely vintage marble coffee table for $6500. But you know: Feed my future kid or get a table? It took some id-wrestling, but I opted for the kid.

See? Maybe I won't totally suck at this whole mommy-thing after all.HouseTour.jpg

The roadtrip itself I still consider a success. By a stroke of luck, we were able to see inside a beautiful 1920s home I'd always been curious about in Jac's neighborhood. (That's the house in the picture, below.)

It was up for auction and they were offering tours. While due for a renovation, the place was amazing, with many of the original fixtures and beautiful details still in place.

But mostly, my trip was great because of seeing Jac.

In the picture above, she is cooking an omelette for me made with fresh tomatoes plucked from her garden, basil and mozzarella. Earlier, she'd barbecued a delicious steak dinner for 5, set me up with a mighty comfy Aerobed (which gave just enough to allow my big ol' belly to sink into without turning my back into a horseshoe - I actually slept on my stomach for the first time in months!), and somehow managed to juggle the whirlwind of shopping, two rambunctious kids, housework, scheduling, and guest management smoothly, by herself and without batting an eyelash.

I, myself, would have collapsed. I kid you not. I was exhausted just watching her.

"You sort of get used to it," she says, after I voice my admiration. "Don't worry. It's not like you guys'll have to launch from the starting gate at maximum capacity."

I consider this a moment. She's right, I think to myself. We'll adapt. But I can't help but wonder: When you approach the starting gate at diminished capacity, where exactly do you end up?


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