Braincation - Dog Beach Sunset

Yet another divine San Diego sunset, taken at Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, a ways north of one of The Varmint's usual surf spots, called Garbage, close to another favorite spot called Bird Shit.

My theory is that (with the exception of Dog Beach, which is one of only a few beaches that dog owners and their fur-kids can recreate off-leash in SD) local surfers name these spots to keep their privacy. What tourist or swimmer wants to go to a place called Bird Shit, after all?

The Varmint's been coming home from surfing well-past dark these days - like 9pm. It's hard to imagine him watching the rest of the Bobbinodders* paddle in to the beach, while sitting on his surfboard in the increasingly pitch-black water without a headlamp, waiting for one more set roll through - just in case it's good.

If it were me, all I would hear out there would be the theme from Jaws. I'd be too hinkey to surf, and Lord Knows my wetsuit would be very warm indeed.

I guess that's why I prefer my sports to be land-based. I like to see what's coming to eat me.


* Bobbinodders /noun /def: Members of a surf pack, who sit on their boards, bobbing up-and-down on the ocean and who, at most, nod minimalist greetings when a surfer of known origin joins the lineup.


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