Looking for Denmark in Southern California

 The Varmint and I have a thing for good design with our tiny little Habitrail house. I guess that's good, being as we design things for a living, but it's also a little brutal on the pocketbook when shopping for bigger stuff like furniture. (Thus the occasional IKEA supplement.)

This tendency toward "pickiness" (as my little brother's always called it) has paid off more than once. I like finding things other people think are weird and bringing them home.

The coolest thing I ever found was an original Panton Cone Chair (image, above) that, while everyone else was making fun of it, I beelined for, brought home and had professionally recovered. Total cost: $325.

Today, I trek north to the Huge Sprawl. The Stinking Pile of Superheated Asphalt. Smogland. EgoCentral. Smell-ay. (Take your pick of names - we San Diegans are none too fond of L.A.)

Why? Why go to Los Angeles when it's 85 degrees and wetter than a sheepdog's balls after a torrential downpour? *sigh* Like it or not, they've got all the good furniture.

San Diego has doodly to choose from mid-century or Danish-modern wise. Oh, there are a few gems: Scan Furniture on Morena Blvd. and Boomerang for Modern on India Street come to mind. But if you're trying to find something big, like, say, bedroom furniture, you just can't shop here. You have to head north. Like it or not.

Easing the pain of being eight months preggo and trucking my fat ass to La-La-Land is the knowledge that good friend Jac and her husband Michael will be taking me in and then around to the shops. They are fellow design lovers, fun to be with, and actually are two of the only reasons why I venture into that city (outside of need) in the first place. They've even pre-scouted their favorite haunts for inventory - how's THAT for preparation?

So... it's time to go pack. The strategy: Set my command post at Chez Jac. Assault shops. Regroup and rest in the pm at the command post. Caffeinate. Retreat in the early am to avoid a Bataan Death March-style drive home.

Wish me luck, people. I'm going in...


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