Big Game in La Jolla

I walk a few miles five days a week with a friend. I usually go with Deb, which is good because the time flies by and my fix to exercise, see my friends, kvetch and get out of the house are all satisfied in one fell swoop. I feel like I've accomplished something afterward, every time, and it's always fun.

I had an especially good time the other day with another friend, Karen. We shook up our routine and headed over to Windansea and The Cove in La Jolla for our trek - which, in addition to beautiful scenery (pictured above), has the added bonus of plenty of freaky rich chicks at whom to gawk (pictured below). 

My particular favorite brand of uppity eye fodder usually comes equipped with stretched-to-the-point-of-tearing plastic surgery puffies (your choice: boobs, lips or both) and yipping pursedog. I managed to accidentally capture a photograph of one in the wild sometime last year. [Quick aside: Believe it or not, the specimen in this photo was 75 if she was a day; look at her! Her bod had been stretched, sucked, tucked and plucked into an unearthly and highly disturbing perfection unattainable by nature. Its fragility still gives me the willies - I expected to hear a little popping sound and watch the fake ponytail fall off and everything bulge and drop in one explosive little meat avalanche at any second.]

People-watching, as I see it, is a perfectly acceptable pastime as long as you're discreet. Not that it mattered in this case. Especially in La Jolla, a special breed of narcissism exists. It's so perverse that they'll see nothing but the next store or their own reflection in the nearest shiny surface. You could pretty much drop and have a seizure right in front of them and they would step over you to get to the handbag section.

Frighteningly, their numbers seem to be multiplying, wherever you are. Whatever happened to aging gracefully? My theory: I think the increase in the neo-narcissist herd-size is directly proportional to the number of plastic surgery reality shows on TV. You know: "Me see. Me want!"

It's the American way.


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