Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take me out to the ballgame, buy me some peanuts, Cracker Jack, cheesy nachos, a superdog with extra relish, soft-serve ice cream, two bottled waters, some roasted pistachios, garlic fries, one sneaky sip of beer, a Chocopop, two Tums and a ticket home on the Trolley. Okay. So I really only had the soft-serve, the water, the Tums and the Trolley ticket - but I will admit that if the promise of junk food weren't there, the divine lustre of going to a ballgame would shine far lessPadreGame2.jpg bright for me.

Can you blame me? I'm a San Diego native, which means the only team I've ever had the geographical right to root for is The Padres. So go ahead and shoot me for being more obsessive about pizza than Piazza. There are plenty of ball fans out there who would probably give me a pass.

This particular game was super fun because the game was actually good and the accompanying troupe included my brother John, my nephew Kaio and The Varmint. I was surrounded by all my favorite guys!

A ballgame is a great place to bring a kid: The lights, the people, and especially the Jumbotron - it's amazing how entertaining they've made the long stretches between action. It's a good lesson to remember: All it takes is being outside on a beautiful night, a booming sound system, flashing lights, pretty pictures, sing-a-longs, mountains of cotton candy and popcorn - and you'll keep your kid or pregnant wife smiling and well-behaved for a couple of hours. No problem.


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