Our Commute’s Now 10 Times Shorter

You’ll notice we are no longer calling our backyard structure “The Shed.” That’s because we’ve updated our plans. Our new, far more practical (read: affordable) plan is to skip the garage conversion and make our new building world headquarters for our company’s design studio.

If we called it our design shed – well, a shed holds stuff like fertilizer and tools. And nobody wantsStudio_060706_NE_Closeup.jpg to be fertilizer. Or a tool … so we’re going with “The Studio.” Or “The Varmint’s Outhouse.” It’s a toss-up. 

Besides. Look at this thing: Isn’t it cool-looking? It’s got a nice big window facing our bamboo garden, with Eichler-inspired clear paning at the top and sides. It’s got south-facing double-glass doors - and we’re adding another big window next to them there in the front. (That was a mid-project change after we decided the building would become our studio. It was so nice to finally be the client asking to shift gears in the middle of a project – as opposed to the people actually shifting the gears. Brad, our contractor, didn’t even bat an eyelash. “I knew it,” was all he said.)

When you’re working at a computer most of the day, having something to stare at wistfully through a window matters. We love the idea of working beneath my grandfather’s huge old tree with lots of filtered light and the sound of flittering leaves. We love the shade our bamboo and garden provide - and that we’re going to be working in a fresh, new space, separated to the point of camouflage from where we live. (We’re even happy about the extra 100 paces we'll have to walk to get to work – ah, exercise in the great outdoors!)

Studio_060706_South.jpgWe love that we’re going to have some money to put into the yard to make it more beautiful and enjoyable for our baby girl. We’re thrilled that it opens up our outside space and turns it into something we'll use every day. What we don’t like, however, is the fact that we’re going to have to trudge uphill to the house to wash our hands or coffee mugs, hike up those steps anytime we want to receive deliveries, send or get mail and most important – anytime we want to use the facilities.

I'll bet you anything The Varmint finds his own special "territory" to mark somewhere in the yard. (I’m guessing the bamboo forest will be the chosen spot: There are lots of sneaky li'l Varmint-ready spaces in there.)

When The Varmint's focused on a project, he's not going to let a little thing like an absence of indoor plumbing distract him. And if His Natureness does decide to sneak out into the garden and kill some plants? I’ll be there in a flash with my Nikon and my laptop, uploading that snapshot and linking to this post from a blog entry titled, “I Told You So” in nothing flat.

See, Internet? You too have something exciting to look forward to.


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