Bye, Bye Sugar High

There are a number of pleasures that being pregnant includes. Because everyone loves to talk about the other gazillion less-pleasant wonky bits that happen when you're a pod-woman, I shall list my three favorite things:
1. Feeling the kid wiggle. I thought this was going to be a revolting and squirmy sort of experience, but it's actually fairly amazing. I like feeling her little head in my belly and talking to her. I try not to sing to her, however, because I would prefer she actually learn to enjoy music.
2. Connecting with other parents. Moms and dads are cool. I especially like it when people who would normally be too shy to say anything suddenly feel a wee bit more comfortable saying hello or asking when I'm due - or better yet, talking about how much better life is with kids. (Believe it or not, single friends, this happens nearly daily!)
3. Happy anticipation. Daydreaming is always fun. Previous fantasy faves include:
  • "Exotic Travel Destinations Realistic and Otherwise"
  • "Long Luxurious Face-sucking Sessions with Johnny Depp" and
  • "If I Could Build a House and Money Were No Object, What Would It Look Like?"

Now, I've added "Baby Fantasies" to the my favorites. (Hey, you might bump Johnny Depp, but there will be no replacing him...)

Previous to last Friday, I would have put something concerning the deliciousness of food to the list of Great Things About Being With Child. Seriously, food just seems to taste better when you're pregnant.

Alas, as of last Friday, that had to be removed. Why? Well, that sad, black Friday, I received a "likely" diagnosis of gestational diabetes. That means I'm going to have to relegate myself to gnawing rice cakes, boiled chicken and brussel sprouts for the final three months of my pregnancy.

Anyway, no more coffee ice cream and banana shakes from Cold Stone Creamery "just because I feel like it!" Nope. Now I have to plan my meals. Ugh. 

The thing is, our family eats healthy anyway. The Varmint and I usually choose yogurt for dessert if we have one at all. So this isn't actually a huge change for us. It's just that now that I can't have that apple torte, fresh-made cherry ice cream or entire double chocolate cupcake if I didn't plan for it, I find I'm really, really wanting it. . . like, obsessively, even. It's as if I can't stop torturing myself.

Just a guess here, but I think I will suck at dieting. I already know what's going to happen: I'm going to plan my entire meal around the ability to have the thing I'm not supposed to have. Which means where once I had a cupcake maybe twice a year, now I'll be drooling at the thought of them and cackling maniacally as I plan the acquisition each evening.

MMMMmmmmmm. Cupcakes.


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