Ode to Snoogle

A lot of crap is marketed to each of us, every day - but a true avalanche of crap is marketed specifically to pregnant women.

Apparently, in our fragile, hormone-fueled state, we preggos are emotionally-challenged suckers who'll buy anything to ease our fat-bellied comfort and/or protect or adorn our future offspring. (Load up the looney wagons, boys! Here come the breeders!)

Anyway, being married to Little Lord Frugalroy, I know better than to go bananas on baby. I plan to hold Mini-Varmint up to Nana Jan's face and let her little Bambi eyes work their magic.

In the meantime, however, something had to be done about Tam getting some much-needed sleep. I'm a stomach sleeper, in all of her mash-faced glory. Now, thanks to my burgeoning belly and a sore shoulder, I've been relegated to sleeping on my back. Not good for an insomniac already prone to 3am TV marathons and lately fueled by midnight snack foraging missions. Something had to give.

Enter the Snoogle. The Snoogle is a giant, curved body pillow, sort of shaped like a capital "C". It is designed to curve weirdly around your body, between your legs and up your back - like some giant tubular lover in one of those weird Japanese XXX Manga comic books.

I'll admit I was skeptical at first. Despite glowing online reviews, it doesn't seem as if it would be that comfortable - but you'd be wrong. It takes about .25 seconds to feel why people are raving - your head, neck, back, shoulders and hips are suddenly, perfectly supported and aligned. It's total comfort - and its odd shape places you in optimal sleep position.

Man, it's good. For the first time in months, I've slept completely through the night this week, never moving - and without a sore shoulder in the morning. Being as the thing is a plain, dullsville white in its natural state, my fabulous Mom made a shiny, washable rust-colored cover that transforms "ugly" into a designer accent pillow for our fire-hued bedroom. I've been raving about it so loudly that Mom's thinking of getting one - and the Varmint caved and gave it a go.

Now, he's a convert - although it is a bit sad: He stares at the Snoogle longingly, but knows better than to grab for it until I'm out of bed - unless of course he wants to lose an arm. When I'm done being preggo, I'll wager we Ro-Sham-Bo for it at bedtime.

So, anyway - if you have sleep issues, I'm just sayin': The Snoogle is way better than sleeping pills, and I swear to you the thing is MAGIC.


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