A Phew! and a Pfffft!

Jen, one of my best friends in the whole world, just got out of surgery on Friday. I spent much of the day with my ass cheeks clenched, waiting for news as to how it all went.

Ironically, I was also slow-cooking homemade beans at the time, as part of her get-well soon / welcome home gift. (Candy counts for doody in Jen's World. She's a true, obsessive bean aficionado and frankly, I haven't sweated over preparing a dish just so for anyone - not even my husband - like I did with those damn beans in ages.)

I guess I need to count this as just another sign of the times - or more specifically, that they never stop a-changin'. Like it or not, I'm crossing the tracks into middle agedness. The only good news is that all of my friends are coming with me.

I can remember when the most worrisome problems Jen and I ever had were 1) would we make rent? and 2) was ALL of the hair held back out of the toilet?
Now, we're dealing with stuff like syndromes and surgeries and the big 4-0. When the hell did that happen? Nobody tells you how fast that stuff sneaks up on you. From stilettos to Naturalizers in nothing flat.

Anyway. Jen came out of the whole thing with flying colors, so my ass cheeks are officially unclenched and the delivery of the post-surgical JenTam_Christmas2005.jpgfiber supplement has been duly delivered and (I'm proud to say) heartily approved.

Come to think of it, now it's Jen's turn to clench. That was one big pot of beans.

Heal up, girl! The Varmint sends his big whiskery kisses, too.


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