Test-Driving Other People's Kids

One of the best things about being a mom-to-be who's woefully past her prime is that everyone else has done it first. (One of the worst things is that everyone else has done it first, but that's another story.)

Everyone loves to have an excuse to talk about their kids, and if nothing else La Bump provides excellent reason. It's been interesting to listen to folks blab about how they parent using this or that method - then look at the offspring and see the result without the Rosy Blinders-of-Love that apparently shoot out with the baby and affix themselves permanently to the eyeballs of mom and dad.

Most of the kids that I'm around are awesome. They're not angels, by any degree, and I think that's a good thing. They're real. I hold no illusions about children: They are one part puppy, one part Ghengis Khan and one part sleeping. I can't stand it when people goo-gooify children with adjectives like prince or princess, angel or worst of all "innocent darlings" as one especially sappy and tedious mom I know loves to say. Barf. 

TrajanTinasBday.jpgMy favorite kids are rambunctious and curious and loving and greedy and cuddly and aggressive - none of them are seen-and-not-heard types. (Is there such a thing anymore?) Their parents hold loosely, let 'em fall now and then, taste dirt, wear dirt, rein 'em in hard when they have to and are really great at hefting out heavy doses of affection and interacting - all without losing themselves in the process. That's one helluva tall order.

Man, I'm glad I got some peeps to call when things fling themselves sideways and possibly down the stairs: I have a strong suspicion I'll be changing the order of my speed dial numbers after Bebe arrives.


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