It's a Girl!

It was sonogram and amniocentesis day today - and we found out the big, Big, BIG news that we're having a girl - and she's looking perfect. Yahoo!

It's funny, both sides of the family were exchanging the typical pleasantries, "Boy or girl, it's going to be wonderful. Either way, we're so thrilled!"

But each told us privately that they were pulling for XX over XY. (Frankly, so were we.)

Sonogram_Mom.jpgWe're so excited! How often can you say that the day an eight-inch needle (okay, really four-inch, but trust me, it FELT like eight) poked its way into your belly was one of the best days of your life? It was great having both mom and Shannon in the room- Shannon with his reassuring smiles and the Nikon snapping away and mom with her cheerleader arms, big grin and little uncontrollable "Yessss!" when she found out that she's having a granddaughter.

A good day, indeed.


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