Hot + Dry in Anza Borrego

It was time once again for the gang (this year - Jen, Deb, Tam, Greg, Soph and Ethan) to hit the great, stark and sandy to see any changes in the last year.

Answer: Not many.

The late, light rains meant no stunning wildflower orgy like last year or deepened crevasses from erosion.

But as always, if you're patient and have a good eye, the desert will open up for you. Contrasts of sun and shadow, the strangely symmetrical and bristly plant life, birds, lizards and insects humming. In the desert, this is a season of abundance.

We brought some tasty treats, sat in the back of our trucks and picnicked heartily, sharing desert-optimal foodstuffs and telling jokes. (Note to self: Ice-cold deli pickles are the BOMB when you're in the desert - salty, cold, crunch-juiciness! Perfect! Also good: Sweet fruits, BLTs and soda.)

There is something about eating in the desert. It seems more decadent somehow, the moisture, perhaps. In the dryness, there is nothing to diffuse the flavors, either.

One of the most memorable bottles of wine I've ever had was sitting atop a ridge in a folding chair, watching the sun go down miles and miles away from nowhere with someone I love.

Isn't it funny how many of the best things in life are both free and priceless?

*See full photo set here.


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