Spring Shearing

Welcome, first days of Spring! Oh, how you make us women do crazy, crazy things - such as cut our hair clean off in an enthusiastic spring shearing.

Some of us even do it for a good cause. Take Jenny here (middle), who much to the delight of her husband, grew her brunette mane down to the middle of her back in a va-va-va-voom burst of protein-fueled do-goodery. She knew she was hair farming for a good cause - which, unfortunately for her husband's hubba-hubba droolfest - was Locks of Love (not "lots of lovin'" as he'd so hoped) . Locks of Love is the organization that creates custom, real-hair wigs for financially disadvantaged kids rendered bald by disease or the ravages of chemotherapy.LocksofLove2.jpg

It was the one and only reason she put up with the blow-drying, the arm-aching brushings and the wallet-shredding shampoo bills for the last year and a half. (Jen's not a big one for the primping.) Being a school librarian, she also made a special event out of the deal, encouraged her school's kids to participate (see brave volunteer numero uno on the right), and got sheared (then styled) in public with about 40 students looking on, tittering and wiggling with excitement the entire time.It was a cool, easygoing event made unreal by the reality makeover aspect. It was pretty stunning.

So there's Jen, all amazing and one step closer to heaven. It was fun watching her go from Lady Godiva to Librarian Diva in 17 minutes flat.

Meanwhile, I chopped my own long hair off yesterday, but instead of a halo, all I got out of it was a new 'do and the comfort of knowing my hairdresser was several steps closer to renovating her bathroom thanks to my bill.

Jen, you rock.


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