Generation Observation

Just got a cool email from Monte, my pop-in-law, also known as Father of Varmint. I thought it was pretty interesting and thought I'd share. I'd say it's the kind of familial history many of us long-time Californians share - though every family's got its own unique story.

The other thing that's a little Twilight Zone is that yesterday was also my dad's birthday. He would have been 77.


"Hi Everybody,

Just a family note that today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of C Minter McGlathery, my father. He was born at home in Pine Forest, Texas, the fifth and last son of John Monroe McGlathery and his wife Florence Bearden.

The family lived in a one-room log cabin with no electricity and no plumbing, located in a corner of a 40-acre parcel where the family farmed various crops. John Monroe died shortly before or after my father was born, leaving Grandmother Florence to raise her family alone for ten years until she married a neighbor, Mr. McKinney, a widowed farmer with several children of his own.

Soon after they married, the new McKinney family had a daughter, Virginia, who currently resides by herself at age 90 in Tyler, Texas. The age/generation dynamic that sort of boggles my mind is that John Monroe, grandfather, is to me, grandson, as I am to Trajan and little who-diddy coming-along!

Only four generations cover a span of about 150 years. From very poor East Texas dirt farmers to every amenity under the sun Californians. So here's to C Minter for keeping the chain going - and so much more!




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