Ma & Pa Varmint

 This is Monte, possibly the World's Coolest Father-in-Law. He'll probably want to kill me for posting this, but I love this shot as it clearly illustrates his True Inner Monte-ness. Usually, Varmint Sr.'s a cool, cool customer - deceptively quiet, collected, observant and sly. He's the guy at the party you have to watch, though. Like Varmint Jr., you won't be paying attention and then suddenly - wham! - he whips out a wig, eats the center out of the dessert, or pours a beer on someone's head and everyone's looking around going "Wha--? Who did that?!" but by the time they ask, it's already too late: He's across the room, wearing his poker face and watching the chaos unfold.

Monte's fun to hang out with - he loves good food, wine and cheese. He's also hilarious, well-read and well-traveled, a compulsive gadget hound, offers great advice (only when asked for it, bless him), is exceedingly, embarrassingly generous and tells great stories. Plus, he's got great taste in women, because his wife Pat is also ultra-cool.

Patty.jpgLike you, probably, I hear horror stories of crazy in-laws almost weekly. One friend's MIL looks her hard in the eyes at each parting and says, "You be sure to take care of my widdle boy, now, hear?" (To which she desperately wants to reply, "Widdle? WIDDLE? He's 42!" but never does.) That's when I look at Mr. and Mrs. Varmint Senior and say to myself: SCORE! (And, more honestly: "What a relief!" )


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