Snapshot - Moonset, Sunrise

I often wake before the sun is up, beating out the morning doves for first song of the day. It is my time. I can do as I please, look and smell my worst: Flyaway hair, Ugg boots and sweats so ripe their only competition is my breath. I can suck down my coffee with big noisy slurps, shop on Ebay, ignore the dishes. I can scare the little black cat sleeping on our glider as I pass him by to pluck thick fat tangelos from our tree.

Yesterday morning, I lolled in the nest of our sofa in the cold and dark, giggling over Non Sequitur and reading the morning news. I became annoyed at a bright light slipping between the blinds and slapping my unready eyeballs. A helicopter? A spotlight?

No. It was moonset and sunrise over San Diego. The street was ablaze in quicksilver, and amplifying twilight in a way I'd never seen in my life.

Sometimes, even the Nikon can't capture a moment as you'd wish it to. And maybe that's not a bad thing. Some moments are better lived than captured.


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