Rant Rant Rant Rant

I can not tell you the hundreds of hours I've lost as a result of the hunk of crap program known as Microsoft Word.

The three things I hate most about Word:

1. Crashing as you try to save.

2. The natural tendency to goose-step all over your document with its dictatorial formatting system.

3. The fact that its bloated and unwieldy. Okay. One more...

4. It feels designed to cause frustration and agony to all poor suckers stuck using it.


I shake my fist at you Microsoft Word. I hate you so.

Disclaimer: Some of you may note that I nice-ified this entry. It's true. I did. I got soft. I wrote the now-deleted entry in a fit of rage because Word crashed the proposal The Varmint and I were sweating bullets to finish yesterday not once, not twice, but three different times.

Still, it's probably not fair to label Word's product managers as "drones suckling at the saggy teat of Microsoft" or to refer to the volunteers they employ for usability focus groups as chimps. So, I retract those particular statements.

But, um, you know... I'm not apologizing. The program still sucks.


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