The "Outta Style" Birthday Bash

 The Varmint and I are lucky to have some pretty unique friends. We regularly high-five each other that despite the fact we're pushing 40, there are Technicolor characters such as these in our lives - people who can talk about something other than their kids and their mortgage re-fi.

Two of the brightest are Ant and Christy, who, besides being one of the smartest couples we know who still deign to hang out with us, also have a Secret Identities. If you didn't know better, you'd think theirs was an Ozzie & Harriet family, complete with two perfectly brilliant automatons and their two angelic automaton offspring, all peacefully sharing a house in the 'burbs. (True story: When I first met Christy at a design agency I was working for many moons ago, I initially avoided her. She'd been summarily appraised as "Bible Thumping Soccer Mom" by most of her design team. After talking to her, it takes about 4.5 nanoseconds to figure out that's wrong-wrong-wrong, but you know... office gossip is way more fun than reality.) 

If there is one thing that shatters that absurd Stepford glow into a million points of light it's this: These are two of the best party hosts I know.

Every time they throw a bash it's just... insane. They invite an international group of friends - artists, techies, motorcyclists, moms, entrepreneurs - a huge mix of people. Things start off calmly enough, but between the theme (there are usually costumes involved - this year's was to wear the most out-of-style stuff you could find), the XXX Jungle Juice and the entertainment (the last party had a smoking hot belly dancer) things just explode into an ever-rising miasma of joyous debauchery.

To their credit, I was stone-cold sober during this party - and left at 2am, soaked and elated from dancing, not wanting to go home, but knowing we were hitting Palm Springs later that morning.

Shit. I could talk about it all day. But pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

[Disclaimer: Remember, people. The Party Theme was OUTTA STYLE. Thus, the frightening ensembles.]


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