Sur la Table

In the first-ever One Good Life blog request, The Sallivator made me promise that I'd post a picture of the table we tiled together so she might visit it from time-to-time.I like to think of it as Glamour Shots for Inanimate Objects.

Sal gave me some solid learnin' with the tile. It's creative and goopy and makes for an extremely satisfying project. This is a good thing, because I learned that my mom has been stashing two end tables that match this one for a couple of decades out in her shed. (Naturally, mom offhandedly mentions this between cigarette sucks, just minutes after I've put away our tiling tools. The rascal.)

I wanted the design to remind me of what the tables looked like when I was a kid, playing at my grandparents' house. It's a classic Mid-century design, spare and simple - just like our house.

It's funny. Over time I've noticed myself growing less and less tolerant of excess, design-wise.

Sadly, I hear Rococo is the Next Big Thing. Which means in a couple of years people will be decorating their homes to look like Victoria's Secret shop windows.

I will not be joining that fad. I've come to the realization that I will be left behind, decidedly un-hip. It's the sort of thing that will drive any future kids crazy: We're crossing into fuddy-duddyhood. We know what we like to live in, trends bedamned.

Sure, we design stuff for a living, so we'll keep an eye on what's new, but I'll be well-content in my sweatsuits and Mid-century decor. I plan to continue my regimen of lazy gardening while wearing Ugg boots, and will remain non-plussed by the mud smeared on my face and bamboo leaves in my hair. I won't exactly be aging gracefully, but on the plus side, it'll give the neighborhood kids plenty to point at.


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