One for the Record Books

You know how sometimes, you go sniffing around for something, say in a closet - or, perhaps a garage that you happened to accidentally be cleaning one nameless Saturday because you realized there was so much shit in said garage you couldn't find an open 4-foot-by-2-foot space to put the Christmas box?

And meanwhile your tree is standing all naked and piney and tree-like, foresting your living room?

Then, while you're rooting around moving boxes, something slips out, a paper, or a picture, and you're transported to another time in your life - and five minutes later you don't realize it, but you're still standing there and your husband is snickering at you, and that hunk of memoribilia is like a memory coal in your hand, burn-burn-burning the crap out of you because you've been confronted with a sudden reality?

Like, maybe that it has been 20 years since you were in high school? 

Yeah. Me neither.

(Tam and Jac, circa 1985. Grad night.)


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