I am a Dirty, Dirty Girl

Often the hottest location in the United States at any given time, the Anza Borrego Desert has an average rainfall of just 6.86 inches per year. A few weeks per year, when the rainfall's been good, you can see the wildflowers bloom.

Last year, the wildflowers exploded. None of the locals I spoke to could ever remember it looking quite like this. Most of us local San Diegans have grown up with the A-B as a backyard playground of sorts. We camp, hike, ride bikes and go caving. We find Native American pottery sherds, cave paintings and yannis. We drink good drinks and watch the sunsets together. Some of my best memories are desert memories.

It surprises some San Diego transplants that we locals spend so much time in the desert when lovely forests and beaches are so close by. That's because they've usually only visited the desert in the height of the afternoon from the comfort of their car's air conditioning. At that time, the desert shines like a blanched skeleton. CampingAnza.jpgIt's nothing compared to what you'll discover if you get out of the car, get dirty and commit to stay.

The best time to see the desert is at dusk or dawn, when the colors are the most vibrant. That's when you'll see the real desert. Radiant. Breathtaking.

Damn, I can NOT wait to get dirty and go camping.

Images copyright 2005, Vivimedia.


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