Further Props to The Varmint

I have to take a moment to thank the unsung hero of last night, my husband, The Varmint, who valiantly and without heed to his personal welfare cleaned up the bathroom after it was summarily destroyed by... someone.

[ For you jealous and disbelieving ladies out there, I have evidence that the Man-Cleansing of a Bathroom actually occurred - note photographic Exhibit A, below. ] 

I was recently informed by The Varmint that the bucket I found in the bathtub contained the contents he found late last night in the toilet bowl. These included:

1. A washcloth

2. A sock

3. A rubber duckie

The bucket did not, however, contain the yards of toilet tissue that it took him three flushes to dispense of.

After I complimented his manly effort, The Varmint shrugged. "Hey," he says, wiggling his eyebrows, "I'm a team player."


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